Compliance Management

  • Streamline inspections
  • Track inspection and compliance history


Routine inspections are a critical plank in any compliance management regime.

Whether we are working to ensure compliance with policy and operating procedures in business or regulatory compliance, the workflow is similar.

An effective system needs to help identify high priority inspection targets, schedule inspections and track their completion, streamline field operations and build a register of non-compliances.

Those are the roles of the GBM Compliance Management Solution.

Our tried and proven framework combines a central database to track inspection history, mobile consoles to streamline field operations and wireless data transfers to improve efficiency.

We have integrated location intelligence to map site locations and review compliance trends by region.

Global GBM consultants can get you up and running very quickly by simply loading in your sets of inspection questions and the list of questionnaire responses that trigger follow up action.

These automatically feed into optional progressive discipline and notice issue sub-systems.

We offer special services for the Security and Compliance section of lotteries and gaming corporations in partnership with Baseline Business Geographic.

Other partners and our in-house team can help you streamline an effective solutions for Government and other industries.