Disaster Management

  • Excellent situation awareness to support better decisions and faster recovery


Information technology makes a real contribution to all disaster management phases; prevention, preparation, response and recovery.

Our mobile data solution assists field teams to map hazard locations and collect the base data to underpin Risk Assessments at the Prevention phase.

Our Compliance Management Solution and our Fire Notices Product support risk minimisation works in the Preparation phase.

For the Response and Recover phases, we offer an integrated solution that bridges the information gap between the field and co-ordination centres.

This solution delivers exceptional situation awareness to support superior management decisions and improve public briefings. We make a special contribution around Rapid Damage Assessment and Rapid Recovery.

Our full range of Mobile Workflow, Works Management Solutions and our Road Corridor Manager product assist longer term service recovery.

The Global GBM solutions assist services personnel to prioritise and track repairs and to collate the audit history needed to underpin insurance claims and grant applications.

Talk with our team about our cloud sourcing solution that manages citizen messaging and our streamlined workflows for professional responders.