Enterprise Mobility

  • Improve data quality and create efficient workflows
  • Increase productivity and speed the data flow


The team at Global GBM are Enterprise Mobility specialists. We work with a full range of mobile devices to seamlessly integrate field operations with corporate business processes.

Whether you have a simple Field Data Collection requirement or need to implement a sophisticated Works Management workflow, we have the solution.

While organisations typically service their office based workforce with productivity tools and corporate databases, most still use paper forms in the field.

Enterprise Mobility is the next growth area for corporate IT. Astute managers can unlock enormous potential to streamline business processes and reduce operating costs.

At Global GBM we offer a one stop service that can include mobile device software, wireless data services, works management and back-end integration services.

More importantly, our systems come with 15 years of location intelligence and mobile data experience so you can be sure they will work first time and all the time.

Because our solutions are based around easily configured COTS components we can economically service small projects or provide a common platform to service the diversity of Enterprise Mobility needs of a large corporation.

Contact the Global GBM team today to tailor an Enterprise Mobility solution that will revolutionise the way you do business.



Wireless data transfers keeps your crews on the road by reducing visits to the depot. GPS linked mobile maps speed crews to the right worksites.

Data Quality

Data forms validate entries and guide operators through their workflow. Data becomes more reliable with zero transcription errors.

Speed Workflow

Wireless data and on-site entry speed the business workflow by eliminating wait times around task and return of paper work.

Audit Control

Automated time stamps, linked photos, GPS records and managed work flows automate your audit trail.

Positively Identify Work Sites

Aerial imagery, live GIS maps and map linked instructions give crews confidence that they are at the right site and ensure maintenance records are linked to the correct asset.


Speed back end processes and reduce costs through electronic interfaces that directly link field operations with other business systems.


The team at Global GBM deliver Enterprise Mobility with Any Data, on Any Device, Anywhere

Select one of these products to integrate with your own systems or talk with our consultants to tailor a turn key solution

GBM Dynamics

Deliver enterprise mobility using the latest generation of smart phones and tablets

GBM Mobile

Service Enterprise Mobility with Windows Mobile devices

GBM Portable

Work with Windows tablets, laptops and desktops


Share mobile data forms with the wider user group by integrating them with web maps

Crowd Sourcing

Integrate map referenced observations from the general public directly into your business processes with crowd sourcing solutions built on the same framework as GBM for GraffitiSTOP

Integrated Products

Speed your implementation with pre-packaged solutions that combine one or more of the above mobile systems with wireless data and back-end systems to address specific business needs