Graffiti Management

  • Hit back at graffiti vandals
  • Standardise reporting and streamline clean-up


Graffiti vandalism is a major scourge on our urban landscape. In many locations it is an indicator of gang related crime and a major source of community disquiet.

The team at Global GBM is at the forefront in assisting both asset owners and law enforcement teams in the war against illegal graffiti.

We offer a Graffiti Management Solution
that records graffiti incidents, assists with graffiti clean-up and supports law enforcement.

This is an integrated product that combines our best practice mobile workforce systems with wireless data transfers and our graffiti incident database.

Our customers reap the productivity gains that come with a best practice mobile solution in addition to the benefits of working with a system that has a an enviable track record of assisting law enforcement to track and apprehend offenders.

Typically, graffiti clean up crews are issued with mobile computers to photograph graffiti vandalism and record tags as part of their regular operations.

We also offer an intuitive app that empowers citizens to report graffiti in a systematic way that can be automatically posted to the incident database.

The incident database has proven to be a valuable resource for law enforcement, both from the viewpoint understanding hot spots and trends, and importantly for identifying and apprehending offenders.

Our solution is special because of the way it directly links incidents and tags to map locations. Patterns in time and location assist law enforcement to track offenders.

The tags database helps link offenders, group incidents and prepare briefs of prosecution once an offender has been identified.

GBM for GraffitiSTOP

Global GBM developed the GBM for GraffitiSTOP mobile app as a custom implementation of our GBM Dynamics product.

GraffitiSTOP is an initiative of the Government of the state of Queensland Australia. It encourages citizens to report incidents Graffiti vandalism as part of the Safer Streets and Crime Action Plan.

Click here to view the official press release.

This map-enabled crowd-sourcing solution allows citizens to locate and photograph graffiti incidents and automatically send them to Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers consolidate the reports and forward them to the authority responsible for graffiti clean-up in that local area.

This is a true enterprise mobility solution. Global GBM supplied the mobile app with wireless data and back-end systems that sort graffiti reports by Local Government Area.


Visit the Apple or Google App store to download the App onto your mobile device.

Call the team at Global GBM to configure a similar solution to engage with your citizens and customers.


GBM for GraffitiSTOP is an enterprise mobility solution provided to the Queensland Government and CrimeSTOPPERS. This is one component in our extended graffiti management solution.

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