Works Management

  • Improve work crew efficiency
  • Track tasks to completion


A whole variety of field services managers share common operating concerns. Prioritising work, scheduling it to crews, maximising work crew efficiency and tracking task completion.

This is the domain of the GBM Works Management Solutions.

We provide the workflow and data pathways, allowing your team to focus on the describing the required work tasks and the data crews need to enter in the field.

The GBM Works Management Solution can be implemented on its own or as an extension to existing Asset or Customer Relationship Management systems.

In a combined installation, we fill an operational gap around managing field operations while allowing asset systems to focus on their core commercial and accounting roles.

We handle routine inspections, incident inspections and field maintenance works. We support other corporate systems by providing regular progress updates and collecting details of resources expended on each work order.

This is an integrated solution built around a central database, integration services, wireless data transfer and out flagship mobile software.

It brings with it all the advantages of mobile data collection and is delivered with a proven workflow to fully integrate office and field operations.

Call one of our consultants to find out how the GBM Works Management Solution can improve your work crew efficiency, simplify daily operations and reduce costs.