GBM Data Services

  • Speed operations by automating wireless data transfers between corporate office and work crews.


Wireless data is one of the greatest innovations we have seen in mobile work force automation since the advent of mobile computing.

It is no longer necessary for field crews to pick up instructions from the work depot each morning or return paperwork at end of shift. Productivity savings can be significant.

Auto-uploading each set of field observations as soon as the work is done, rather than waiting on completion of a larger work batch, can significantly speed business work flows and help supervisors to track work progress.

The technology is most effective when it directly links mobile and back end processes. That is why we built GBM Data Services with the ability to update corporate databases and optionally work as part of an integrated work scheduling and dispatch system.

GBM Data Services adds mobile data capability to GBM Mobile and GBM Portable. We have added all the normal features and a few significant innovations.

If the mobile device is out of communications range, data updates are stored locally and automatically resent once communications are re-established.

Our cloud based post box has made wireless data transfer accessible to even the smallest organisation without affecting workload for the in-house IT team or compromising system security.

We can transfer batches of work as GIS files, extract field crew instructions from a central database and return field observations as either sets of data files or directly upload field data into your in-house database.

Please call one of our consultants to find out how easy it is to add wireless data and improve the productivity of your field workers.


Improve Productivity

Save travel time by removing the need for work crews to pick-up instructions from the Depot or return completion reports.

Manage Wireless Data Costs

GBM Data Services can load background maps and static reference data when in the office and receive updates and work instructions over mobile internet. That keeps data volumes small and transaction times fast.

Minimise IT Overhead

Our innovative cloud based post-box removes the need to open data ports though your office firewall. We work with much the same internet connection as used by a typical web browser.

This makes wireless data accessible to even the smallest organisation.

Streamline Workflow

Directly link mobile data to your internal data store. Reduce the human effort associated with manual data download and integration.

Work Outside Communications Range

Our mobile systems are designed to work independently and to automatically synchronise data with the central server whenever communications are available. That works for operators who move in and out of network range. Our intermediate cloud based data store protects daily operations from temporary outages of the office internet.

Track Work Progress

Keep supervisors informed by uploading field observations on completion of individual tasks rather than waiting for work-crews to return to the office on completion of a larger work batch.