GBM Fire Notices

  • Prevent a potential disaster through pro-active risk minimisation


Global GBM worked with a consortium of Victorian LGAs to develop a software solution that provides maximum compliance with legislation related to fire risk minimisation– we built GBM Fire Notices.

This is an integrated solution with a map enabled management console that communicates wirelessly and seamlessly with field devices. An intuitive user interface presents data using linked grid and map displays that unleash the power of combined database and spatial querying.

Field users are provided with sophisticated maps and data forms that guarantee rapid, accurate data collection and closure. Wireless data transfer ensures that inspections can be tracked in real time.

A significant design element is that your own property data is used in the field and on the desktop – you are not reliant on inaccurate, third party datasets and map bases.

All aspects of the Fire Notice cycle are recorded, providing a history of compliance including automated handling of photographic evidence. Key dates are tracked, inspection alerts issued and customer interactions logged.

GBM Fire Notices will give you peace of mind knowing that your legislative obligations are being met and risk is being minimised while at the same time increased efficiencies are reducing costs.

Please call our consultant for more information about GBM Fire Notices or similar solutions to assist with the prevention phase of you disaster management strategy.


Demonstrate Due Diligence

Demonstrate due diligence by implementing a best-practice management system to minimise fire risk.

Streamline Inspections

GBM Fire Notices is a fully integrated solution that handles both office and field components of the inspection cycle.

Implementing this solution streamlines operations which delivers a more effective inspection cycle at lower total cost.

Improve Record Keeping

GBM Fire Notices builds a comprehensive audit trail of site visits and notices issued.

Effective Enforcement

Improve effectiveness in enforcing citizen compliance with fire reduction plans by effectively tracking inspections, notice issue and follow up visits.


  • GBM Fire Notices is an integrated product that extends our standard field devices (GBM Portable and/or GBM Mobile) with data entry forms, business logic and back-end services optimised for property inspections and issue of compliance notices.
  • The package includes a map-enabled console for office based administrators and a managed wireless data transfer service.
  • A cloud based mail-box provides a secure end-point for posting inspections lists to field crews and the return of their inspection observations.
  • Administrators access the internet post-box through a managed service that does not require customers to open data ports for external access.
  • The office software manages an internal SQL database for secure storage of inspection records and the history of stakeholder communications.
  • This is a relatively low footprint solution ideal for small organisations and has been packaged for easy installation and minimal training.
  • Customers with extended requirements and those that need to operate on a larger scale may wish to consider implementing one of our Compliance Management Solutions, either in-house or serviced through our cloud based data centre.