GBM Mobile

  • Improve data quality and field crew productivity with map enabled mobile devices


Around 2002 when mobile computing was in its infancy, we responded to customer requests for a mobile mapping and data collection experience on the emerging range of PDAs.We combined our field worker experience with ongoing feedback from our seed customers and GBM Mobile was born.

Ten years and seven major releases later, GBM Mobile has earned its place as the premier mobile system for MapInfo customers.

Today we service many thousands of customers with a mature mobile worker experience that integrates mobile maps, GPS, photo management, data merging and wireless data transfers.

We have recently completed a total technology refresh of the GBM Mobile product suite that is now available as the Konect Advanced Field Services Mobility Solution.

Konect runs on new technology smart phones and tablets and is backed by a high performing cloud database. It delivers all the functionality of GBM Mobile suite including the ability to run off-line when network connections are not available. Visit Konect Website for details.

Map linked data entry forms developed for GBM Mobile can now be shared across our full range of desktop, tablet, PDA and web systems.

These custom forms validate data at the point of entry. They manage data integrity and add value by ensuring users across the organisation view data in the context in which it was collected.


Work Crew Productivity

Map enabled mobile devices assist crews to efficiently navigate to worksites. Wireless data and electronic forms streamline daily operations and eliminate paperwork.

Data Quality

GBM Custom Forms validate data at the point of observation and eliminate transcription errors.

Speed Work Completion

No job is done until the paperwork is finished. Electronic data forms allow crews to fully complete work on-site. Field data is available immediately to feed back end processes and speed the corporate work flow.

Audit Control

Automated time stamps, linked photos and GPS records support proof of service processes.

Get the Job Done

Aerial imagery, live GIS maps and map linked instructions let your crews get on with the job with the surety that they are servicing the correct asset and work location.

Automated Data Integration

The GBM Mobile Merge utility provided with each license makes it easy to integrate observations from multiple work crews into the master data set, even when multiple crews work with the same GIS files.


GBM Mobile

  • runs on Windows Mobile V6.1 and V6.5 PDA devices – companion products provide similar services for other operating systems
  • works with mobile devices from a wide range of manufactures including Intermec, Getac, Motorola and Trimble
  • accepts GPS readings from any device supporting the NMEA standard. This includes the GPS built into almost all modern PDA units including low end Trimble devices
  • a special edition is available for high end Trimble devices such as the 6000 series that operate with Trimble TSIP format for GPS in place of NMEA
  • supports in-built cameras and bar code scanners. The Trimble and ike editions also support laser range finder attachments
  • works off-line with from local GIS and image files so your team can work outside communications range
  • supports wireless data transfer when run with the optional GBM Data Services product
  • includes GBM Mobile Merge to allow multiple crews to work simultaneously with the same data
  • shares GBM Custom forms with GBM Portable, GBM Web and GBM Pro. The forms builder is included with each license
  • includes embedded MapInfo technology to guarantee compatibility with MapInfo Professional. That includes raster and vector data in MapInfo .tab format. Alternative products and integration options are available for customers who do not use MapInfo technology.