GBM Pest Central

  • Improve management outcomes through data sharing
  • Streamline field operations


Weeds and Pest Animals have a major economic, environmental and social impact.

They degrade the natural landscape, damage agricultural lands, impact our waterways and threaten biodiversity. Annual costs in Australia are thought to exceed $10 billion.

Clearly, managing weeds and pest animals isn’t a battle, it’s a war. This has driven Global GBM to develop GBM Pest Central.

Weeds and pest animals are not constrained by jurisdictional boundaries.

Control and eradication activities involve all levels of government. Legislation imposes obligations on additional stakeholders including landholders, exploration companies and miners.

These groups need to coordinate their activities. Collaboration and cooperation requires shared data.

In the past, data inconsistencies and the lack of effective IT infrastructure has made data sharing very difficult. GBM Pest Central changes all that.

GBM Pest Central implements the Spatial Pest Attribute Standards, as published by Biosecurity Queensland.

That means all field data is consistent and in a standard from. Participants choose how they share data and with whom.

GBM Pest Central is a complete solution for managing weeds and pest animals.

It provides a management console that is available over the web and a map based application with data collection forms for field devices. Wireless data service link field devices to the central database.

GBM Pest Central is world-leading best practice solution. If you’re fighting the war against weeds and pest animals, we’d like to hear from you.


Consistent Data

Collect data in a consistent and uniform structure in accordance with the Spatial pest Attribute Standards (SPAS) as published by Biosecurity Queensland.

Cost Efficiencies

Save costs by eliminating paper data collection processes and inefficient operator time.


Prove compliance with legislation and your Pest Management Plan.

Facilitate Funding

Build an audit trail to support funding applications.

Improve Collaboration

Share data and collaborate to improve planning and use resources more effectively.

Optimise Activities

Build knowledge across jurisdictional boundaries and organisations to optimize treatment and control.

Distribute Data

Easily export data to your GIS, electronic maps and spreadsheets for consumption elsewhere in the organization.


GBM Pest Central

  • implements the Spatial Pest Attribute Standard (SPAS) as sponsored by Biosecurity Queensland
  • provides a fully integrated solution servicing both field and office based parts of the management workflow
  • provides data forms and work flows for recording details of surveys, inspections and control measures
  • is available as a fully in-house solution or for operation from a managed data centre for a monthly subscription fee
  • subscriptions provide access to the shared database, management console, wireless data service, mobile device software and data entry forms
  • participants maintain control over the data they contribute and decide which other groups are allowed to see the detailed observations
  • includes automated data aggregating that allows more general access to the regional picture while protecting the identity of individual landholders and properties
  • is used by officers of Biosecurity Queensland, a number of local government organisations and mining company personnel
  • requires minimal in-house IT support as the shared database is secured on the Global GBM data centre which participants access though a web browser, PDA or Laptop/Tablet