GBM Portable

  • Distribute electronic maps and data forms to mobile workers on Windows Laptops and Tablets


We took on board the feedback from many of the field teams running GBM Mobile. They loved the tool set but wanted more screen real estate than is available on PDA devices.

So we developed GBM Portable for mobile workers using windows laptops, tablets or slate computers.

We’ve included all the features of GBM Mobile; interactive maps, GPS integration, photo capture, data synchronisation and GBM Custom Forms.

Field workers are especially advantaged; GBM Portable is so easy to use. This means greater productivity and reduced training time.

GBM Portable also runs on Windows desktops. That provides both office workers and field personnel with a common data view.

Create your own forms for field data collection to customize a highly relevant user experience. Share these forms across your organisation with the full range of GBM Products to standardize data validation and business rules.

Synchronise your mobile device through the office network or across the global phone and internet network.

We work natively with MapInfo .tab files and can also display ESRI .shp files. Embedded MapInfo technology allows GBM Portable to easily exchange data with MapInfo Professional on your support PC.

See our downloads page for a 30 day free trial or call one or out consultants for further information.


Expanded Work Screen

GBM Portable provides all the functionality of our flagship GBM Mobile product and also takes advantage of the expanded screen real estate available on Windows Laptops and Tablets.

Shared Configuration

The same GBM Custom forms developed for GBM Portable work with GBM Mobile (PDA systems), GBM Web (web browsers) and GBM Pro (Workstation GIS).

Operators across the organisation see data in the same context and interact through the same business rules. This reduces support overhead and improves business outcomes.

Work Crew Productivity

Map enabled mobile devices assist crews to efficiently navigate to worksites. Wireless data and electronic forms streamline daily operations.

Eliminate time your work crews waste visiting the office to collect instructions and time wasted filling out paper work.

Data Quality

GBM Custom Forms validate data at the point of observation. Lock in data quality with pick lists, automated entry and mandatory data fields. No more incomplete records or transcription errors.

Speed Workflow

No job is done until the paperwork is finished. Electronic data forms allow crews to fully complete work on-site.

With electronic data collocation, field data is available immediately to feed back end processes and to speed the corporate work flow.

Data Integration

Implement either GBM Portable or GBM Mobile with the optional GBM Data Services system to directly update field observations into your central database.

Audit Control

GBM Custom Forms allow you to record the login name of the last data editor, time stamp changes and to automatically link photos and GPS records.

Get the Job Done

Aerial imagery, live GIS maps and map linked instructions let your crews get on with the job with the surety that they are servicing the correct asset and work location


GBM Portable

  • works on tablet, laptop and desktop computers running either 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Pro
  • works off-line with local GIS and image files and allows maps and data on mobile computers to be synchronised with the office copy of each project
  • shares GBM Custom forms with GBM Mobile, GBM Web and GBM Pro
  • includes an administration console for in-house personnel to configure data searchers and customise the data presented by the Info tool
  • includes embedded MapInfo technology to guarantee compatibility with MapInfo Professional data and workspaces. That includes .tab files, raster images and the ability to read ESRI .shp files.
  • works with GBM Mobile Merge to integrate field edits into the master data set
  • supports data transfers through the fixed or wireless network and is compatible with GBM Data Services. Mix and match combinations of GBM Portable and GBM Mobile systems can work in the same project.