• Improve data quality and presentation consistency by adding GBM Custom Forms to MapInfo Professional


How do you make a good software product better? We looked at MapInfo Professional and asked ourselves this question.

MapInfo Professional is a world-leading mapping system. It is a great tool in the hands of a GIS specialist but for the broader user base, the data presentation can be cryptic and the data easily corrupted.

GBM Pro adds data forms to MapInfo Professional to overcome all these issues.

GBM Pro delivers an intuitive user experience with intelligent prompting, pull-down menus and readable labels. Drawing and editing is carefully managed and data edits are validated at the time of entry.

GBM Custom Forms can easily link multiple child records to the same row in a GIS table. For example multiple inspections and maintenance events can be linked to a single map object or multiple owners to a land parcel without making duplicate copies of the GIS features.

With GBM Pro your GIS data becomes more consistent with features always drawn on the right layer in the right graphical style. Your data is protected from invalid content or inadvertent edits.

The same GBM Custom forms are shared with our mobile and web systems. Users across the organization see the same data in exactly the same way.

We’d like to think we’ve turned a good product into a great one.

To learn more, please view the video and download your 30 day trial today.


Manage Data Quality

Protect your data from inadvertent changes and inappropriate edits.

GBM Custom Forms manages data integrity by validating edits before a record can be saved.

Minimise Training Needs

GBM Pro makes you data sets more accessible.

Cryptic field names are replaced with easily understood labels and linked to meaningful prompts. Database codes are presented as readable text.

Handle Real-world Data

Overcome the limitations of the flat table structure typical of GIS systems.

With GBM Pro you can link multiple sub-forms to a single map feature without duplicating the map object.

Manage Graphical Styles

GBM Pro keeps map presentations in sync with data values.

Graphical styles are automatically set for each feature based on a legend that matches graphical styles with data attributes.

Standardize Data Views

Protect your business from the confusion that can arise when different user groups see data presented in a different way.

With GBM Pro, GIS users see data displayed in the same forms and with the same headers and prompts as do the field personnel.

Minimise Consulting Fees

Eliminate the need to call in external consultants to customise your system.

GBM Pro works through custom forms that are easily set up by your in-house personnel. No programming skills needed.


  • GBM Pro works as a plug-in inside MapInfo Professional. Use any edition later than MapInfo Professional V8
  • Companion products deliver GBM Custom Forms for operation with other mapping systems
  • GBM Pro automatically links drawing tools and graphical styles to target layers and can be set up to prompt for attribute entry on completion of map drawing
  • GBM Pro works with regular MapInfo Professional .tab files. We support all MapInfo data types
  • GBM Custom Forms simplify end-user data presentation. The forms editor is supplied with every GBM Pro license. Not programming required
  • Custom Forms allow cryptic database field names to be replaced with user friendly aliases and supported with user designed prompts
  • Data integrity is improved through setting edit controls on a field-by-field basis and advanced on-the-spot validation
  • A 30 day free trials can be downloaded from this site
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