GBM Road Corridor Manager

  • Demonstrate compliance with your Road Management Plans
  • Maximise work crew efficency


As a leader in location intelligence, Global GBM has been assisting Local Government Authorities with road corridor field data collection since 2002.

We recognized that asset and works management teams need a robust solution for managing field operations and collecting spatially located field data.

What we developed, under the guidance of a group of asset and works managers working in local government, was Road Corridor Manager or RCM.

RCM manages proactive and reactive maintenance inspections, condition inspections, make-safe repairs and closure of related defects and tasks.

This is an integrated solution with a management console for the office, wireless data transfer and mobile data forms.

When you launch RCM you know exactly what tasks need to be done in the immediate future, as well as those that may have been missed.

Behind all of this, the history is maintained, protecting your organization when proof of activity is required.

For organizations with Road Management Plans, RCM facilitates high levels of compliance. For those yet to formalize management processes, RCM provides the framework for documenting a plan that ensures all the science has been thought through.

RCM can empower your asset system through electronic data exchange – seamless and automatic. For those without an asset management system, RCM can operate as a stand-alone management solution.

Implementing RCM reduces your paper work while automatically updating the database with enough details to satisfy even the most demanding external auditors. Managed workflows provide a robust framework for mitigating risk.

Please review the material below and then contact our team to see how RCM can transform your operations.


Complete Field Services Solution

Provides sophisticated mobile data capabilities, including custom data forms and a rich mapping environment for all inspection and maintenance processes.

Effective Task Management

Manages scheduling and compliance of all your works obligations including proactive inspections, reactive inspections, condition inspections and maintenance defect closure.

Improve Efficency

Maximises efficiency through the use of wireless data transfer to and from field devices, reducing travel time and eliminating paper processes.

Integrated Location Intelligence

Manages all your critical spatial data, including synchronisation of GIS and asset database values.

Supports Best Practice

Support best practice, proactive, auditable business processes to ensure compliance with Levels of Service commitments. Record inspection and maintenance histories to support audits and funding applications.

Easy Installation

This is a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution. Our consultant will set up RCM on-site to work with your existing asset register, task descriptors and value lists so you can start work immediately.

Integrate or Stand Alone

Operate as a self-contained Works Management solution or integrate our best practice-mobile data capture and field-crew management to enhance existing corporate systems


Road Corridor Manager:

  • An integrated solution that combines desktop and mobile services with business processes
  • Field crews work with the standard GBM Mobile or GBM Portable mobile software supported by wireless data transfer and Custom Forms that have been optimised for inspection and maintenance of road corridor assets
  • Office personnel execute a managed workflow that presents within the MapInfo Professional desktop GIS.

    Alternative implementations built on our Works Management Solution platform are available fo larger organisations and those that embrace GIS solutions from ESRI and other vendors.

  • Supports both paper based and fully electronic workflows.
  • Is synchronised with each organisations asset register and corporate GIS data
  • Can be configured to automatically transfer condition reports, details of outstanding tasks and details of completed works to an Asset Management system.
  • Extends the reach of Asset System that can continue to service their primary asset register and management reporting role while RCM services the day-to-day work-crew expectations.


Integration Plug-ins

Plug-ins connect Global GBM solutions with products from other vendors. They work intimately with the business rules of the two systems

In partnership with the development team for the Assetic Asset Management System, we have jointly built a plug-in that registers GBM Road Corridor Manager inspections into Assetic.

Similar web services connections are available for two-way linking between GBM Works Manager and the Mincom Asset Management System.

These plug-ins allow Asset Management Systems to focus on their primary business outcomes while GBM services Works Managers. They allow Asset Systems to task works to field crews through GBM and ensure resource usages and completion details are passed back for Asset System reporting.

Additional integration methods and products are easily added to the plug-in framework as required.

A similar integration is available for GBM Web that connects that product with SharePoint, external web sites and similar systems.

Users can click an asset in GBM Web to access details in an external system or send a call from an external system to adjust the map to centre on an asset of interest.

Rent or Buy

Licensing Options:

No need to wait on the budget cycle, use our software under an operating rental.

Rental agreements cover mobile hardware, software licensing and implementation services. All this for a regular monthly fee.

Call us to tailor your rental agreement.