GBM Tree Manager

  • Streamline inspections and tree maintenance
  • Manage risk and reduce costs


Over many years helping organisations manage field data for their tree assets, Global GBM recognised that a management tool was needed that better met industry requirements for auditable processes around maintenance and risk mitigation – we built GBM Tree Manager.

GBM Tree Manager supports the day-to-day operations of arborists and work crews responsible for managing the urban forest.

This is an integrated solution with a map enabled management console that communicates wirelessly and seamlessly with field devices. An intuitive user interface presents data using linked grid and map displays that unleash the power of combined database and spatial querying.

Field users are provided with sophisticated maps and data forms that guarantee rapid, accurate data collection and closure.

GBM Tree Manager leads the way in urban forest management with the incorporation of i-Tree tools. Users are able to quantify the structure of community trees and the environmental services that those trees provide.

The benefits of proactive risk management are maximised – scheduled inspection, maintenance and auditing minimise the risk of property damage or personal injury. Wireless dispatch provided through the scheduling dashboard will significantly improve operator efficiency and reduce costs.

GBM Tree Manager is your total tree management solution. Contact the team at Global GBM to discuss implementation in your organization.


Manage Risk

GBM Tree Manager forms an important plank in an organisation’s risk management strategy.

The product helps ensure timely completion of risk assessment inspections and provides a framework for tracking completion of critical maintenance tasks.

Maintain Quality Records

All field observations are collected as electronic records and automatically uploaded to a secure database.

The system builds a comprehensive history database that asset owners may use to demonstrate their compliance with management plans.

Available for Rapid Installation

This is a fully configured COTS solution and is available for immediate installation.

Streamline Field Operations

Wireless data, map enabled field devices with integrated GPS and cameras and electronic data forms all assist work crews to focus on completing tree management operations.

Crews can navigate to directly to work sites, easily document work done, remove confusion around identifying individual trees and reduce time spent visiting the office to collect instructions and return paper work.


GBM Tree Manager

  • is a fully integrated solution that connects office and field workflows with wireless data exchange
  • operates with either PDA or laptop/tablet based field devices
  • takes full advantage of GPS and cameras built into mobile devices
  • can be optionally extended to take advantage of laser distance equipment to locate tree sites by distance/bearing offset measurements for circumstances where tree canopy interferes with GPS reception.
  • includes data forms that validate field observations at the point of entry
  • works with your in-house GIS data and automatically updates maps of your tree inventory
  • directly links inspections and maintenance events to individual trees to build a comprehensive database history
  • automatically manages photographs and links them to individual trees
  • operates with an in-house database and map enabled management console
  • has a low IT footprint making it ideal for in-house installations in small organisations
  • Customers with a large workforce may choose to implement a configured solution that operates with our Works Management database, either installed in-house or operated through an external data centre. Works Manager includes advanced interfaces for high-end Asset Management and Customer Relationship Management systems.
  • is a robust COTS product that has proven itself at numerous customer sites. The product is available for immediate installation.
  • optionally supplied with data collection forms and interfaces for calculating carbon credits through iTrees