• Collaborate and share maps with linked business data
  • View and edit maps across the web


Innovative Web Mapping Experience

GBM Web presents maps and corporate data in a web browser.

This high-end system includes map drawing, managed editing, enterprise security and analysis options, in an out-of-the box package for fast track installation.

We provide a very productive work environment with a richer set of capabilities than most other web mapping systems. All this is delivered through a contemporary user interface that makes sense to today’s workforce.

GBM Web is designed as a key port of the corporate IT framework. Business process plug-ins and database connections integrate GBM Web into the extended business work flow.

You can easily link into GBM Web from external systems such as SharePoint or call out to those systems by clicking on a map.

Please browse these pages to see how GBM Web is so much more powerful than traditional web mapping solutions and how it can be quickly rolled out to your extended user base.

Please call one of our consultants to plan your installation.

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Experience our new contemporary user interface and learn how GBM Web is much more than a traditional web mapping solution.


Unlock the Data Silos

Empower you users by allowing them to browse a central registry of maps and layers

Collaborate and Share

Allow workgroups to tightly manage access to active projects and immediately see the effect of their shared work.

Manage access to sensitive data ahead of sign-off and posting for general access.

Minimise Workload

GBM Web can significantly reduce workload for GIS teams who support a technical user base.

We do this by providing a self-help environment to replace support intensive operations such as map printing, data discovery, geographical queries, data searches and reporting.

Holistic Workflow

Integrate field and office workflows by sharing the same data and custom forms between GBM Web and either the GBM Mobile or GBM Portable field solutions.

Speed Implementation

Take advantage of our rich end-user experience and pre-developed functions to speed implementation.

Save time and money compared with an implementation built on the standard toolkits provided by traditional GIS vendors

Empower Data Custodians

Empower your GIS team to take control of spatial outlines while allowing other business users to manage connected database content in a best-practice data custodianship model.

Best Practice Data Management

GBM Web allows all users to access data from its single point of truth. We connect directly to the central data store and dynamically link data content to map features.

Minimise the confusion that typically arises with each user group holding its own copy of core data.


Implementing GBM Web

  • GBM Web is a flexible solution that can be easily customised for local conditions through GBM Custom Forms, data grid plug-ins and configuration files.
  • Customers can set up multiple projects to tailor operations for different in-house work groups, with forms, searches and data sets tailored to their business needs.
  • Projects are set up by the local data administrator without custom programming. That delivers a very robust solution with a very short implementation time.
  • We display photographs and external content and offer two way hot-linking between GBM Web and other software systems.
  • GBM Web draws maps from GIS files and spatial databases. We support raster images directly and also work with external servers (e.g. Bing Maps, Arc Server, MapInfo Stratus, the ERDAS image server and government sites).
  • We can run in a full range of Web Browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Database adapters are available for almost any database, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and many others.
  • GBM Web shares GBM Custom Forms with GBM Mobile, GBM Portable and GBM Pro to effectively share validation and business rules across the organisation.
  • User security is managed through user groups under the control of the in-house network administrator (integrated login). Data viewing and edit rights are all controlled through user groups.
  • GBM Web can be installed on an in-house server or at our data centre. It is also available as a fully hosted solution on month by month costing. We provide hosting in Australia or other areas as needed.